vendredi 19 octobre 2012

Blog update finally finished, I was very late but  finally be updated, fiou!
Small article largely to talk to my buyings agains, I'm what I'm what i call a buyer compulsive especially since I can buy on the net, I realized this when I received lot of order the same time because I order in Asia and so I take shipping cheap or free view, so the time to receive is very long so when I receive the package quantity I do not remember more I had bought !

Anyway, I have several commands that are happening at the same time so now i have ... many false eyelashes and 3 glues XD but i'm happy about this ^^

From Hong Kong :

Drama fake lashes

Dolly Bottom Lashes


 Command from Malaysia :

Gifts from her :3

Fakes lashes !

Diamond Lash - Beauty eyes

Diamond Lash - Dolly eye


Pair of fake lashes inspi Dolly Wink

Diamond Glue

Black Magic circle lens 16mm

I didn't open yet, so here is what it look like (photo) I 'll do an article soon with wearing lens, promis but for the moment, i have already 3 pairs of lens open haha

Gun Tights

 Comand from Korea:

White tights (very simple but in France, white tights is only for the children, impossible to find good white tights for adult, yes it's true u_u)

Receved from Professional shop "Plein fard" for school
Make up forever palette fards
I'm very happy with this palette, you think i'm crazy but, wow it's beautiful, Michelle Phan as the same palette, one of reason i'm very proud haha and it's Make up forever just for pro, you don't find it in simple shops *proud, shine shine* :D (stoop)

Photos of my round face again, i don't smile haha, no ! :)


Now music !


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