jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Big doll Li make up ღ

I wanted to make an extravagant makeup, searching the lovely ladies who are my inspirations, I'm leaning towards Lhouraii a lady whith a unique make up, special and very pronounced, consisting of lots of color and has the distinction of have a big pack of false eyelashes glued on top of each other. It also Indian jewelery on the forehead called "Bindi Jewelry" very fashionable among young extravagant people !

So I started with the little makeup I have, simple pallet, jumbo pen at white NYX apply all over the eye for color applied and then route really is really flashy, then I cut n 'was not enough lashes (I think those at the top, glue it together 5), I did not really want to spoil everything, so I put two lashes well already loaded on each eye, bonded deteriorated to the effect of "look even bigger"

Then the eyebrows that were not very difficult to hide because I don't have many eyebrows you know XD, purple pen over the fat NYX pen, always the same, then I don 'not have jewelry Bindi, because ... not my style haha . Some rhinestones glued to each other below do the job, then my usual wig and finish !

Make inspired by a diva, Lhouraii Li , please visit her blog !

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