vendredi 19 octobre 2012

Ayuversary so crazy !


This day we went to the beautiful Ommes house Ayu for her birthday, there were lots of people, family, friends whose GS course, complete!
We took a lot of pictures, we stayed first in the garden and some have tried ... the rifle, I think that's it XD
Then we started a table, very large tables! We ate well and gutters!
Then we danced, 3 times on Gangnam style haha!
Ayu his breath candles with her big cakes candles and opened her gifts from GS he was indeed a T-shirt with an inverted cross WASTED too pretty, and a pouch / bag in snakeskin that closes with a skull, so rokku!
Mika and I ,we slept at  Ayu, it was seen without make up, I think it will remain secret!
So it was a very awesome party !

 Beautiful girls <3

 After dinner

 in the private dancefloor XD

 Birthsday cake !

 picture of us after party,so tired, go to bed !

More in  Gold Sacrifice's blog (and all in my facebook) !

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